Vintage Argus Seventy-Five 75mm Camera with Flash

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Not tested camera and sold as-is.

The Argus 75 is an excellent vintage Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera. It has time and instant (approx 1/125th second) shutter speeds and a fixed focus 75mm Argus Lumar lens. The shutter is cocked by winding the film, so you have to wind it before the shutter will fire. When it is cocked, a red shutter cover is revealed behind the lens to tell the user the camera is ready, and to help prevent wasted frames. It takes 6cm x 6cm exposures. It was designed for 620 film, but it can be used with 120 film, so some people still use these today.

The Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five were two name variants of the same model of pseudo-TLR, produced by Argus in the USA, beginning in 1949.

The main body was molded from bakelite plastic while the film door is a painted metal casting. The front panel and viewfinder hood are in a contrasting satin-finish metal. A cloth neck strap is permanently attached to the top of the body.

Images were 6x6cm on 620 film. While mostly a simple camera, it did feature double-exposure prevention, as well as a smart reminder when the film has been wound. A red-painted shutter blade is visible through the taking lens only after the shutter is cocked. Frame spacing relied on a simple red window, however.

The lens was branded as a 75mm Lumar which was a single meniscus element in front of a fixed aperture of approximately f/11. Next to the shutter release, a small slider selected between "Inst" (instant) and "Time" (actually bulb)."